Digital television

Pay TV service
Pay TV is a television service that viewers will pay a fee to service providers to watch the channels they choose. Pay TV helps viewers to be more proactive in choosing programs to watch according to their preferences. Pay TV has several types such as: Cable TV, Satellite TV, Digital TV, Internet TV.
Cable TV currently offers packages with more than 70 Analog TV channels, more than 200 digital TV channels, including over 80 standard HDTV channels, producing a wide variety of specially specialized SD and HD channels in a variety of genres. : General, News, Sports, Feature films, Entertainment … with high quality to meet the demand of watching diverse and rich television of the audience.
We are proud to be the service provider of 2 leading Vietnamese providers in television field as SCTV and HTVC.

Thank you for your interest in our television service. Guests wishing to register please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Call the Hotline 028 39 718719 number or go directly to our point of sale for a detailed service advice.

Step 2: Our staff will conduct a cable survey immediately and make a contract with the customer.

Step 3: Within a maximum of 2 days the operator will pull the cable, install and hand over the service to the customer.

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