From 1/12, VTVcab equipped with 4K receiver for free for all customers

VTVcab customers who want to use 4K television need to pay 12-month subscription fee, and call VTVcab 19001515 switchboard to register and will receive 4K free receivers at home.In Vietnam there was SCTV, VTC testing 4K TV, but VTVcab was the first pay TV unit to deploy simultaneously to its customers. 4K television will provide viewers with quality television programs in both content and technology. And before the need to enjoy copyrighted sports tournaments, blockbuster movies, and a unique entertainment program with the growing 4K image technology of the audience. Currently popular TV channels in Vietnam mainly broadcast only in HD resolution while 4K is 4 times more resolution than Full-HD, giving images sharper and smoother.

VTVcab viewers can watch 200 TV channels on 4K – ON Future. The receiver integrates both Wi-Fi, VOD movie storage and storage and review features. The 4K receiver combined with the new generation TV will support viewers with content produced in accordance with higher quality 4K standards. With an extremely intelligent processor chip that connects the receiver to the internet, users will be extremely satisfied with the boot speed, the ability to handle and switch channels faster than other types of receivers available on the market.

Even in December, especially during Christmas this year the followers of the “7th art” will not be able to ignore the blockbuster with 4K image quality like the film Night of Miracle (Nights Of Incredible ), Superhero Squad (Avengers), Undefeated (Den Of Thieves), Red Sparrow, Too fast, too dangerous (The Fast And The Furious) …

VTVcab officially made its debut 4K – ON Future.

When the tickets to My Dinh National Stadium accompanying the Vietnam team are becoming more difficult than ever because of the great demand of the fans. Therefore, choosing to watch football with 4K quality is an optimal choice for everyone. Just a click, both My Dinh stadium and fresh grass will appear before the eyes and all have the feeling that they are present in the live match.

VTVcab is equipped with 4K – ON Future free receivers to customers nationwide.

VTVcab is equipped with free 4K – ON Future receivers, Internet equipment sets and additionally up to 4 months of free use of Television and Internet package services from December 1 to January 25, 2018.The 4K resolution of ON Future gives a vivid look at the movements of the players. When watching sports with regular images, the image may be blurred or broken due to fast movement on the screen. However, ON Future ensures clear image quality and shows the most realistic details. Even when viewed in low light conditions, 4K images fully show all small details, like sweat. small from the players’ foreheads, the player’s feet deftly control the ball around the yard and the texture of a piece of grass flying on the ground. Therefore, Vietnamese fans will be accompanied by Vietnamese team every second, every minute at AFF Cup period.

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