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Bkav SmartHome is the latest generation smart home system in the world, superior technology – according to Gartner ranking criteria.

Information house Bkav SmartHome connects all the electrical devices in your home into a network, so you can control them according to smart scenarios, Includes: lighting systems, curtains, air conditioning, television, sound. door lock, water heater, security camera ventilation fan, shaped doorbell, landscape irrigation system, fish tank. You can control it directly through wall-mounted equipment or using smartphones and tablets.

Only one button Normally to control all devices in the house, you need dozens of switches, even with a big house with hundreds of switches. With smart home Bkav SmartHome, you can control it all by a few buttons on the touch screen of the smartphone or tablet. You can also control and control the house via a 3D visual interface, where the devices are simulated as if they were in actual use, just touch the corresponding device in the screen to control.

Touch to control The following example helps you visualize the part of the system: When visitors arrive, you just need to touch “Reception”, the living room lamp Bright light, pull-up blinds, air conditioner drop to deeper cool, reduce music volume … normally to do this you have to run around the room and press a lot of switches. It’s convenient to just touch a button on the screen. Another example when going to bed, instead of pulling the curtains, closing the door, turning off the power, groping up the bed, just touch “Go to bed” on the phone or tablet, the system will help you. These things, at the same time activate the security system, alarm when detecting unauthorized intrusion.

In addition to comfort A common scenario, before returning home from the agency, simply press “Go home”, the heater will turn on, the system Ventilators, air conditioners will start … so that when you arrive home, all are ready to serve. Not only by “order”, Bkav SmartHome smart home system also actively “serves” the owner. Every morning, the curtains open, the sound system plays the gentle music you like, regulating the temperature to help you “lazy” out of bed in the morning.

In addition to comfort A common scenario, before returning home from the agency, simply press “Go home”, the heater will turn on, the system Ventilators, air conditioners will start … so that when you arrive home, all are ready to serve. Not only by “order”, Bkav SmartHome smart home system also actively “serves” the owner. Every morning, the curtains open, the sound system plays the gentle music you like, regulating the temperature to help you “lazy” out of bed in the morning.

Modern home standards Most of us know billionaire Bill Gates with his world-famous smart home. When thinking of smart houses, people understand that only the world’s top billionaires like Bill Gates can own. However, Bkav SmartHome smart home platform with advanced technology today, has made smart houses popular, but you can also own.

Smart lighting system The indoor and outdoor lighting system is divided into many areas, only those areas where people have new lights are turned on and automatically Turn off when there are no people. Not only that, the lighting system also automatically adjusts in the appropriate mode according to the owner ‘s preferences such as: when receiving guests light in brilliant mode, all lights light up, from ceiling lights, hot lights. , chandeliers, painting lights, the brightness levels of these lighting systems are automatically changed at different times. For example, during the day, the light will turn on automatically at 50% brightness but in the evening the lighting system will turn on at 100% to match the needs and activities of the owner, bringing comfort and energy saving. The system is capable of learning the owner’s habits. For example, according to the pre-installed script, the daylight system automatically turns off after 15 minutes when there are no people, the night time automatically turns off after 5 minutes and the time is considered to be transferred to the night is 11 hours. However, each family has different living habits, so the system will automatically learn the habit to adjust this nighttime timeline smartly, suitable for homeowners.

Blind curtain control system With Bkav SmartHome, blinds system in addition to remote control, the opening and closing mode according to the preset scenarios, the system also allows control combined with lighting, sound, multimedia entertainment … according to the desired scenario, suitable in practical use situations such as reception, watching movies, going to sleep. Bkav Smarthome also automatically operates according to the user’s habits, such as automatic morning curtain pull up, automatic bed blinds close, the system also distinguishes the need of winter light, different summer to Automatically adjust opening and closing accordingly. With the intuitive 3D control interface, on the touch screen users can directly click on the blinds to control.

Safety with intelligent security system The security system in the house plays an important role, protecting the house 24/7, controlling fire hazards explosion (gas leak, electric shock), unauthorized access … This system includes ACS access control devices (shaped doorbells with access control by fingerprint, code, magnetic card) , human detection sensor, broken glass detection sensor, smoke sensor, IP camera recording system, electronic fence. With Bkav SmartHome system, your whole house is shown on the touch screen of a phone or tablet with a plan of the floor. For example, in the event of a stranger illegally penetrating the fence (for example, at night time), Bkav SmartHome security monitoring system will immediately flash red warning on the screen of the yard area tablet. garden on the plan diagram. When you click on that area, the system will display live camera images in that area. Not only that, you can also set up the alarming system according to different security levels such as: Turn on the lights in the area with the intrusion, alarm through the siren, send messages or call the numbers phone numbers of family members or other emergency numbers you have registered. The security system will assist you to activate automatically along with other scenarios in the house, giving you complete peace of mind when at home as well as when away from home.

Environment control system The air environment is particularly important for health. Bkav SmartHome Smart House is equipped with an environmental control system with temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration sensors located throughout the appropriate locations in the house. The parameters are transferred to the central system to calculate, give control commands to air-conditioning equipment, dehumidifiers, ventilation fans to help maintain the healthiest environment for the house. For each host family, you can arbitrarily set the environmental parameters to suit your family, such as the room for children with a lower normal temperature, the room for grandparents usually to higher temperatures. Smart home system Bkav SmartHome will also learn smartly about environmental changes. For example, with the Go to sleep scenario, normally this mode is automatically closed by the curtain, ceiling light by default, the lights are off, only the night light is on, the air conditioner drops to 25 degrees C. However, at the near time In the morning, users often feel cold and if they make air conditioning adjustments increase to 27 – 28 degrees C, the system will automatically re-learn that habit after 2-3 times. The bedtime script will automatically update the operation to adjust the temperature rise at near-light time.

Multi-zone audio entertainment system Bkav SmartHome’s multi-sound system helps different areas in the house simultaneously play different music sources depending on the preferences of each person. In each area, users can choose to play music according to their preferences without affecting people in other areas. The owner of the smart home can choose music playback modes according to the time of day. In the morning, for example, the system automatically plays light music to help the owner of the house relax when starting a new day.

Visualization with touch screen 3D Smart home Bkav SmartHome allows you to easily control the house through a 3D visual interface on a smartphone or tablet, but where the simulated device is like in actual use. Therefore, when you need to control indoor devices, you just need to click on those devices on the monitor screen to be controllable. When you want to open the curtain, just click on the curtain on the touch screen, when you want to control the air conditioner, click on the air conditioner image. Bkav SmartHome’s 3D control interface in addition to supporting interactive control of devices in the room, it also supports users to “move” from one room to another as in reality.

Smart context script A smart home system usually has a lot of available scripts, which makes it sometimes difficult to find scripts to use. use. With Bkav SmartHome, the system only displays scenarios that are appropriate for the time of use or the scenarios you use at that time. For example, in the morning, the touch screen only shows 4 buttons: In the morning, Wake up, Exercise, Out of the house, users only need to press the Fitness button, the exercise machine turns on, the curtain pulls up, the fan Active ventilation, music pops up, hot and cold bottles turn on for 30 minutes. As with other features, the smart home system Bkav SmartHome has the ability to understand your routine and regular needs to automatically display appropriate scenarios in space and time. Example scenario Watching movies in the living room is not shown on the touch screen in the evening, you only need to use it a few times, the system automatically pops up in the evening scenario.

Unlimited connection You can control the house from anywhere. You are at the office, or on vacation, the smart home system Bkav SmartHome makes it easy to control and control the house from mobile devices, tablets via Internet connection (Wifi, 3G).

Bkav SmartHome device list is a really smart system, the intelligence is brought by the system’s software. However, not only that, Bkav’s engineers are also very elaborate in manipulating the equipment of the system, to match the level of a smart home. Most of the equipment is designed with monolithic aluminum, Gorilla Glass toughened glass, touch screen which is also the design and material used in the smartphone manufacturing industry, which requires equipment The design must be modern and advanced. The equipment is manufactured according to industry standards, certified by European standards (CE).

Deploying SmartHome is more realistic than you think With the most advanced connectivity technologies such as Zigbee dedicated wireless data transmission technology, power transmission technology PLC … Bkav SmartHome smart home system can be easily deployed on houses that are used or newly built without having to travel on electric lines or modify infrastructure. Actual use, the need to arise and change are inevitable, so wireless design is very convenient for expanding and changing your needs. For example, in the process of using, your family needs to build a new room, expand the old room or simply install an additional aquarium (wishing to control lighting, water purifiers according to standards), With Bkav SmartHome, all these changes can be easily integrated into the smart system. While other companies in the market using wired connection (Bus) are not feasible when there is a change. Even in the new construction case, Bkav SmartHome system does not require to change the electrical infrastructure design, while other companies have to go to the secondary signal wiring system, bridges, and infrastructure changes. electricity … this leads to complicated and expensive construction. For example, a house of 3, 4 rooms with a few dozen nodes such as the sub-bus network needs a total of about 1,000m of low voltage wire to connect up to 100 network nodes – each note is a device.

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Managing and saving energy

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Electrical equipment management

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Secure safety monitoring

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Smart curtains

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Bộ dò báo gas

Protect safety monitoring, remote fire prevention