Launch of VTVcab Network: The first network management system for social network channels in Vietnam

On March 11, 2019, VTVcab NETWORK – The first network management system in Vietnam has officially launched. VTVcab will soon sign with technology unions to further develop VTVcab NETWORK network system.

VTVcab and Next Media leaders signed a cooperation agreement to develop VTVcab NETWORK network.

VTVcab NETWORK is developed by VTVcab and Next Media, this is the convergence of the largest Fanpage in Vietnam with tens of millions of lovers, social Fanpage, community Fanpage, Fanpage of stars in all fields, Facebooker has a great influence on society and the community. Fanpage users participating in VTVcab NETWORK network will be enabled by Facebook authorized advertising exploitation mode, reducing the risk of losing Fanpage and increasing the amount of tracking on Facebook.

VTVcab NETWORK has signed with partners and stars sports, entertainment and music to join the network of VTVcab in the past time. From this official launch, VTVcab continues to cooperate with all operating units and individuals on Facebook social network in Vietnam to create the most professional, healthy and safe network, broadcast fast growing Facebook community.

VTVcab NETWORK commits to: invest copyright content so that all partners joining the network are allowed to exploit and create on the original content. Cross-communication to optimize Fanpage channels when participating in VTVcab Network, help Fanpage to increase fan base quickly, increase the communication value of each channel. Turn on advertising exploitation mode from Facebook authorized. Guide to develop Fanpage channel safely and minimize the risk of losing Fanpage.

VTVcab NETWORK will create new values. Because, social networking has been and will continue to be a working tool, entertainment application, an important source of information in the lives of Vietnamese people. This is the “golden” opportunity in distributing, exploiting and optimizing reasonable content to the right audience on the right platform at the right time. VTVcab believes that with the advantage of being a reputable pay television unit, it owns the largest system of TV channels and online channel system in Vietnam and the No.1 communication experience in Vietnam on many platforms with the cooperation of partners, individuals and business organizations will create a quality and valuable network in the future.

VTVcab signed with artists managing artists, celebrities.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Mr. Bui Huy Nam, General Director of VTVcab said, television is changing greatly, instead of just providing information to viewers, television needs to interact with the audience. . VTVcab NETWORK will support people to participate in social networks better, more professionally, members can develop content on online platform, on social network channels.

Mr. Le Viet Thang, Deputy Head of VTVcab Online also said that the trend of changing from traditional media to personal communication, communication from people with influence on the community (KOLs) is clear. The VTVcab NETWORK network will bring together celebrities, KOLs, who can create content on social networks.

In addition, VTVcab NETWORK is also interested in a big issue of securing personal information, preventing fake news on social networks, promoting information security, and a bridge between management agencies and social networks. Assembly

Mr. Thang said, VTVcab wishes to develop as a Vietnam Media Hub where content is shared, exploiting content towards the goal of creating borderlessness, bringing the content created by Vietnamese people. gender. VTVcab has signed with Facebook, will soon sign with the largest social networks in the world, with technology unions to further develop VTVcab NETWORK network system.

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