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Simpaid postpaid MobiFone – Postpaid account of VinaPhone
Currently, the use of postpaid subscribers is gradually becoming a trend because the utilities brought to users are absolutely essential to the life and work of customers.
Please join to help you know the reasons why you should use postpaid :

  1. Voice charges are cheaper than prepaid:

Typically, a prepaid package is usually more expensive than a postpaid package from 51% -79%. Therefore, definitely using postpaid subscribers will save you more if you need more contact. Try doing the calculation with customers who call regularly, generate calls over 135 minutes / month, then the use of postpaid subscribers will help customers save more than 30% compared to prepaid subscribers.

  1. No need to worry about running out of money in your account:

Have you ever been interrupted by a conversation with a business partner or relative, just because of the money out of your account, in this big deal, is it very taboo? But if you use postpaid sim, you won’t have to worry about that problem anymore, so today’s entrepreneurs often use postpaid services to do business, which is very convenient right?

  1. Diversified forms of payment:

To pay the fee for postpaid sim, you have many choices: you can pay by top up via card, pay via bank card, pay directly at the agent (transaction points) such as: 31 – Pham Phu Thu – P11 – Q. Tan Binh … Therefore, you can choose for yourself the most convenient way of payment for you.

  1. Many promotional offers from postpaid sim:

When registering a postpaid form, customers will often receive incentives and promotions that only new customers like: Hidden numbers, voicemail, call transfer, In addition, guests post-paid sim card products also have many opportunities to participate in many customer care programs such as: Friend connection, Long-term connection, …

  1. MobiFone postpaid number store is beautiful, easy to remember and cheaper than prepaid number store.

With these reasons, it is really easy to choose prepaid or postpaid network right?!?

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