VNPT officially uses the modern online billing system

Online Charging System (OCS) is officially put into use by VNPT (VNPT) since 11/2017.
Cán bộ kỹ thuật của VNPT tích cực trong việc chuyển đổi tính cước mới (Online Charging System - OCS). Ảnh: VNPT

VNPT’s technical staff is active in the new Charging Charging (OCS). Photo: VNPT

This system allows the convergence of services and provides advanced billing features, while improving the quality of user experience for 40 million prepaid and postpaid subscribers of VNPT. System hardware using virtualization is ready to accommodate up to 60 million subscribers.

This system marked an important step in the process of digital transformation of VNPT.

VNPT officially uses the modern online billing system


By deploying this new flexible billing system, all VNPT customers can request to provide and update account information in real time as well as receive notification of costs and account balances. and bonus points automatically.

VNPT can also minimize the time to activate, manage the customer system, and analyze data in real time to help VNPT better understand the usage behavior of subscribers, quickly provide services. new is highly personalized, meeting the needs of many different customer segments.

Previously, VNPT and its solution provider (Ericsson) have completed transferring all prepaid mobile subscribers of VNPT to the new billing system. The conversion process is done 4 times.

Immediately after the APEC High Week ended, VNPT will continue to carry out the conversion for 200 million scratch cards and all postpaid subscribers nationwide. Expected November 15, 2017, the whole project will be completed.

Thanh Dung (Government Press Source)

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