Not licensed back to the band if the network longer subscription 2G only

The network must follow the correct route off waves 2G

Date 30/5, deputy minister of TT&TT, Nguyen Huy Dung chaired a meeting with the network service provider, mobile communication. At this meeting, the deputy minister said, The mic has issued the circular on planning frequency band 900/1800MHz create the legal basis for the deployment roadmap stop 2G technology. Recommended in the telecommunications business, strictly taken, the units are related by function and task execution monitoring, push the solution leverages off waves 2G and universal smart phones.

“Base zoning band 900/1800MHz, TT&TT will not licensed the band 900/1800/ 2100MHz, if the business is still subscription 2G only on 16/9/2024,” the deputy minister asserted.

At the meeting, deputy minister Nguyen Huy Dung requires network operators to quickly build detailed plan about the route stops mobile technology in each month, to each province. Building technical solutions, service stop service subscription 2G only at the time of the month 9/2024, to ensure the implementation of planning the frequency band 900/1800MHz.

To ensure the rights of users, the deputy minister also noted that the network has to support subscriber conversion to use mobile phone technology, higher recommended support smartphone to realize the goal of universal access to phone lines, this. Besides, the network must build detailed plans to deploy the 4G replace the government 2G, there are reviews with the government of each base station 2G ensure the government network 4G network 2G, when the stop system in October 9/2026.

The home network must build communication solutions to each object users by age, according to the geographical features of each province, note to rural and remote areas, border, island, objects used as the elderly, ethnic minority people go to the beach... to capture the advocates, plans to stop the 2G technology and make the switch to using smartphones.

Besides, the network must develop a plan to support customers through the channel phone shop, web site; construction of the media content, faqs stop 2G technology.

The network is committed to off waves 2G according to the roadmap

Speaking at the meeting, the mobile network virtual affirmations will comply with the direction of The mic on off wave 2G. Representative indochina Telecom or home network, this focus on the client using the package data should not have many customers 2G. So, the off wave 2G will be indochina Telecom taken seriously and will be switching policy for customers.

According to representatives Vietnamobile, is this network, about 100,000 subscribers 2G and are the route damped wave 2G to months 9/2024.

Gtel Mobile no subscription 2G network should not be affected anything related to route off waves 2G.

Speaking at the meeting, he Thiềm The Deputy General director of MobiFone said in the past time, MobiFone has off 10,000 stations 2G, accounting for about 40% of the stations of this network. MobiFone will continue to route off waves 2G focus on the few subscribers and to the end of 2025 will shut down the entire station 2G.

Mr. Nguyen Nam Long, Deputy general director of VNPT share, VNPT has advocated not for equipment 2G enter new network to prepare for route off waves 2G. Mr. Nguyen Nam Long also stressed that in order to succeed in the off wave 2G, then the communication to the user is very important; Such can communication strong work off waves 2G same as turn off analog television that The TT&TT did.

Is a network currently has more subscribers 2G most, mr. Nguyen Trong, Gay, Deputy General director of Viettel Telecom said, in times past, Viettel was off station coverage, 2G in places with fewer than 5% of customers are using. Besides, Viettel has to analyze the behavior of customers are using 2G phones such as the elderly, workers, traders... to put in place the appropriate policies, as 50% discount for customers who buy machine head-end and 100% free mobile phone 4G “brick” for the poor.


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