Company information


Dove Services Joint Stock Company was established on October 27, 2005, with more than 10 years of growth and development with many challenges, efforts, Company Bo Cau Services Joint Stock Company has gradually grown up and become one of the leading enterprises in the field of investment and construction of Telecommunication – Information Technology infrastructure as well as continuously expanding the development of brand in new technology areas in the TP market. Ho Chi Minh.

With the motto “Prestige – Quality – Efficiency” in all production and business activities, Dove Service Joint Stock Company always maintains the system quality management, constantly improving the organization of business and production apparatus to meet the best quality services for customers.

Business field

– Investing in, building telecommunications infrastructure – Information technology

– Design and construction of light electrical systems (ELV), electromechanical systems (M & amp; E)

– Design, construction technology solutions, application software

– Provide informatics telecommunications equipment, control equipment, automation

– Business agent developing telecommunications – IT services

Products and services

– Telecommunications infrastructure design, construction and investment

– IT: the system enhances the mobile wave quality in IBC high-rise buildings (In Buiding Coverage), fixed telecommunications systems, cable television systems.

– Design and construction of light electrical systems (ELV): access control systems (Access Control System), LAN systems

– WIFI, security camera system (CCTV), PA sound system (Public Adrress System), intelligent parking management system (Smart Parking), system internal switchboard (PABX) system; Safety-lightning protection system, device control system M & amp; E.

– Application software products, automatic control.

– Distribution of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology devices.

– Service provider: fixed / mobile phones, broadband Internet, data transmission, system integration services …

Organizational structure, management apparatus of the company